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What are non-extraction orthodontics?

Non-extraction orthodontics – Fully removable appliances to achieve a more natural smile

When it comes to orthodontic treatment one of a patient’s biggest concerns can be whether or not they need to have teeth removed to make way for that crowded smile. Perhaps you’ve been to see an orthodontist in the past and they have told you teeth will need to be taken out, or perhaps you’re just wondering “how will they ever straighten all those crowded teeth?”

Through permanent remodelling of the jaw bones, our orthodontic specialists are able to correct the issues associated with an overcrowded smile. By expanding the dental arch to create room for a complete set of teeth, many patients are able to achieve a broader, more beautiful and natural smile, whilst attaining a more attractive facial structure.  Non-extraction orthodontics is a popular choice for patients wishing to achieve a straighter smile without the need for removing any of their natural permanent teeth.

Extraction vs non-extraction

When it comes to an overcrowded smile there are two ways to rectify the issue:

  • Removal of the tooth to make space within the arch (Extraction)
  • Expansion of the arch to make room for all of a patient’s natural teeth (Non- extraction)

The need to create space within a patient’s jaw is very common during orthodontic treatment and whilst the orthodontic community is largely divided on which is the most beneficial approach, at our North Sydney practice we offer non-extraction orthodontics to allow our patients to retain as many of their natural teeth as possible. We value each and every one of our patients’ natural teeth and believe that in retaining them you are able to obtain that natural and beautiful smile you are looking for.

The non-extraction approach can also nullify some of the potential side effects such as gum recession and bone deterioration which can be associated with extraction orthodontics.

To achieve that beautiful natural smile non-extraction orthodontics uses some of the newer treatment methods such as functional appliances similar to retainers. Fully removable, they can offer significant results without the need for dental surgery, meaning treatment can often be performed with minimal to no discomfort. Non-extraction orthodontics can also result in patients spending less time wearing braces later on down the track. We have found that following treatment more than 90% of children can have their treatment completed without the requirement of teeth being removed.

While our patients are undertaking non-extraction orthodontic care our dental professionals will strive to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the duration of their treatment. Working with our patients and their parents where necessary, we aim to achieve a harmony between their orthodontic requirements and our skilled care.

To strive to retain your natural teeth while improving the structure, placement and alignment of your teeth, please contact our dental professionals today on (02) 9489 2928.

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