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Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

straighter teeth are healthier teeth

It is without question that straighter teeth improve the appearance of your face and smile.  However, there are also numerous health benefits to straighter teeth which affect more than just your mouth

Healthier Gums

Straight teeth decrease the amount of stress put on your gums and jaw. Gums are able to fit more securely around straight teeth, meaning there is a stronger defence against gum problems. Crowded or crooked teeth make brushing and flossing difficult, which are essential in fighting off the plaque which can lead to red, inflamed gums. This can indicate periodontal issues such as gum disease and mouth sores. Gaps in teeth can also lead to weakness in the gums and jaw, which can increase the risk of loose teeth or even the loss of adult teeth.

Healthier teeth

Straighter teeth also create a more effective bite, allowing you to chew your food properly without putting uneven pressure on one area. An uneven distribution of pressure on your teeth can cause premature wearing, cracks, fractures, and pain in your gums, ears, and head. It can also cause you to regularly bite the insides of your cheeks and lips.

Uneven and protruding teeth can also increase general wear in abnormal areas, leading to weaker teeth which are more prone to chipping and cracking. A straighter set of teeth also decreases the risk of injury in the event of an accident as there are no weak, outlying teeth.

Healthier body

We now know that oral health can be an indicator of overall health. Studies have shown that swollen and unhealthy gums and tooth decay are linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Alleviating the pressure on gums and teeth by straightening them can even help with headaches and neck pain.

In addition, effective biting as a result of straighter teeth leads to better chewing, which as a consequence, improves your gastrointestinal health. When your food has been chewed properly, it makes it easier for your stomach and intestines to do their job and reduces the number of bacteria needed in the gut.

Gaps and overbites can also lead to problems with pronunciation and speech. By straightening teeth and correcting your bite you are likely to experience an improvement in this area.

As you can see, straighter teeth can provide huge benefits to your health in general.

How can I get straighter teeth?

At our Northern Sydney dental practice Wahroonga Family Dental offers a comprehensive range of teeth straightening services; from growth guidance for children, through to ceramic and lingual braces for adults.

Adults often put off straightening their teeth because they immediately think of bulky metal braces. We offer a range of aesthetically pleasing and lifestyle-friendly transparent aligners to ensure patients of all ages are able to correct their smiles with convenience and minimal discomfort.

For more information on our teeth straightening services, or to book a consultation, please contact Wahroonga Family Dental Centre today.

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