Discover the answer to some of our patients’ frequently asked questions at our Northern Sydney practice

At Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, we wish to provide all of our patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health.


Root Canals

Nerves are natural, but if your anxiety becomes unbearable, it is best to simply have a chat with your dentist and understand exactly what is going to take place during your procedure. Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown that can cause much of the worry. You can have peace of mind that you will not feel pain due to the anaesthetic, however, if you are still panicking, you may wish to discuss sedation options with your dentist.

If you decide to forego a root canal treatment, you may risk losing your tooth. Not only this, but the infection will likely cause you a significant amount of discomfort if left untreated. Your pulp will become inflamed which will cause swelling and pressure inside the tooth. This will lead to tooth pain and, eventually, irreversible damage to the pulp of your tooth.


The problem with orthodontic concerns is that their cause cannot be prevented and most of them are actually inherited genetically and usually involve the jaws, teeth and face. In other cases, it can be due to habitual behaviour or dental problems. Some examples of orthodontic problems include the crowding of teeth, poor spacing, missing or extra teeth and growth abnormalities in the upper and lower jaw.
If the cause is not hereditary it can be brought on by enlarged tonsils, asthma, the premature loss of any baby teeth and even some allergies. But whatever the cause, our orthodontic treatments can help you overcome these issues.
There are a number of reasons why it is important to seek out orthodontic treatment and the negligence of any concerns can lead to a whole host of problems further down the line. Because crooked teeth are so difficult to clean properly, they are far more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss. Orthodontic treatment can also help to reduce or eliminate tooth wear and improve the bad chewing habits which cause stress to the gum tissue and bone. Orthodontic problems will always worsen if left untreated and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a straight, healthy smile.

Dental Crowns

Maintaining your CEREC crowns using the following steps will contribute to their longevity:

  • Limit foods and beverages that are high in sugar.
  • Be diligent with flossing your teeth on a daily basis
  • Address any teeth grinding habits by wearing a mouthguard at night.
  • Limit sticky foods as these may shift your crowns.
  • Practice good brushing habits.
  • Schedule routine dental cleanings every six months.

Many people are under the false impression that due to the fact that CEREC dental crowns can be placed on the spot, their quality is low or they do not last as long as traditional crowns. This is simply not true. Studies have shown that cerec crowns last just as long as traditional crowns and in many situations allow for preservation of more tooth structure.

What is most important for the longevity of a crown is how much tooth structure is remaining, and how well it is looked after.

One of the primary benefits of CEREC crowns is that they are time saving. Traditional crowns may require two+ appointments with a few weeks in between, which is quite a significant time commitment for some patients. CEREC crowns can be placed in one appointment. The entire process can take between one and a half to two hours. However, the appointment time includes 30 to 45 minutes of free time for the patient while the CEREC crown is milled and finished. Our patients are free to use personal electronics, read or relax in the chair watching our TV during this period.


Yes. Dental veneers can function just like your natural teeth! In saying this, we do recommend that you avoid consuming any foods or beverages that can stain them such as coffee and red wine.

Dental veneers do not require any special care or products. Our team at Wahroonga Dental will ensure that you are well aware of the oral hygiene practices that are necessary to keep your veneers looking great!

Once we decide on the look of the veneers, it will take two appointments 2-3 weeks apart to prepare the teeth and then to cement the veneers.

Gum Disease

Yes! If caught early enough by your dentist, gum disease can be reversed by diligently following your dentists instructions.

In the early stages of gum disease, you may not even be aware that you are suffering from it! If you experience bleeding when brushing or flossing your teeth as well as inflamed and red gums, this may be considered as a warning sign. If you believe you may be suffering from gum disease, phone your dentist.

Sometimes. Bleeding during flossing is not a guarantee that you have gum disease. For instance, you may simply be using the wrong technique when flossing!

Children's Dental Questions

Children should be brushing their teeth with the same frequency as adults. This means twice a day for a period of two minutes at a time. Even if your child has lost teeth, they should still be allocating at least two minutes, twice a day to their oral hygiene routine. The same can be true for toddlers too. During your child’s brushing routine, a good portion of the time should be spent on molars as this is where cavities frequently develop.

Sometimes fruit juices can contain a lot of sugar which, when consumed in excess, can lead to tooth decay. While many people believe fruit juice to be the “healthier option” in contrast to fizzy drinks, any beverage that contains sugar caries the risk of causing dental decay if not consumed in excess. While we are not saying “fruit juice should be eliminated” we do advise that you practice some caution. Everything in moderation. A better option for your child is to simply drink water.

Yes, children should be flossing their teeth whenever possible. Children are not exempt from flossing and should be flossing their teeth with the same frequency as adults – at least once a day. In saying this, we understand that flossing for children can be difficult, particularly if they have not developed a solid technique to doing so. If your child is not comfortable using traditional dental floss, a water flosser may be a better alternative.

At Wahroonga Dental we allocate extra time and care to cater to the needs of our youngest patients.

We recommend that patients first visit our practice when their teeth begin to come in or on their second birthday – whichever comes first. This serves two purposes:

Children learn to form positive associations with the dentist from a young age

Our dental professionals can monitor the healthy development of your child’s smile and employ early intervention treatment where appropriate.

Non-extraction orthodontic treatment in many cases can be a suitable treatment for patients who suffer from overcrowding or an overbite.

The procedure usually involves widening or lengthening the jaws, often making use of a child’s natural growth potential. After this treatment, sometimes called ‘growth guidance orthodontics’, often more than 90% of children can have their treatment completed without the need for removal of teeth.

This approach to orthodontic treatment can help support the development of a healthy and attractive smile, jaw and overall facial structure. Patients particularly appreciate the attractive facial profile that can be achieved with non-extraction orthodontic treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Recent innovations in orthodontic technology has meant that there are many attractive and lifestyle friendly orthodontic options available to adults.

These include transparent aligners and lingual braces that are virtually invisible to those around you! The great thing about transparent orthodontic aligner treatment is that it can be removed to maintain your oral hygiene routine, eat a wide variety of foods and for special events or photographs.

Porcelain veneers are a great cosmetic dental treatment that can transform the entire appearance of your smile…

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your smile. It is worth the time to properly plan and discuss which treatment will suit you best. At Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, we employ a wide range of treatments and will discuss the various alternatives with you including advantages, disadvantages and cost before commencing treatment. Some of the treatments can include:

  • Veneers – thin fingernails of porcelain firmly bonded to your teeth
  • Cosmetic contouring – sometimes simply doing a ‘tooth manicure’ can greatly improve your smile
  • Orthodontics – with cosmetic orthodontic techniques such as Invisalign, Tru Smile and lingual orthodontics amazing improvements in smiles can be made comfortably and quickly
  • Traditional crown and bridgework to repair replace and reshape your own teeth

Many other techniques are available so call for a cosmetic consultation if you want more information.

There are a number of ways to replace your missing teeth including dental implants, removable partial dentures and crown and bridgework…

No one technique is appropriate for everyone and care and time put into finding out what you require for your specific need is very important. Sometimes a combination of technique provides the best solution and we will strive to help you decide what is best for your needs.

At Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, we offer a range of aesthetically pleasing and virtually invisible orthodontic treatment options

These can include:

Transparent aligners – this orthodontic treatment utilises a series of transparent aligners to gently move your teeth into their ideal position. The great thing about this orthodontic treatment is that it is removable- and so you can maintain a regular oral hygiene routine and diet throughout treatment.

Lingual braces – this orthodontic treatment is very similar to the traditional style braces with one exception – it is attached to the inner side of your smile, effectively hiding it from the view of those around you!

There are many whitening systems available to improve the colour of your teeth…

Some of these are effective in only specific cases and some can actually damage your teeth and gums. A dentist is trained to select the most effective and safe whitening treatment in response to your unique needs, and is the best choice if you are considering whitening your smile. The system that we use at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre has a long history of providing good results without damage to your oral health. Call us for a consultation if you would like to discuss your whitening needs. We will be happy to talk to you about the alternatives.

General Questions

If you suffer from dental anxiety at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre we have a range of sedation techniques to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

We offer a variety of sedation which we offer to anxious patients to allow them to receive the dental treatments they require in an extremely relaxing and comfortable environment. “Happy gas”, oral sedation, topical anaesthetic, advanced anaesthesia techniques, relaxation therapies and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) are some of other sedation techniques we can provide.

If your partner sufferers from snoring at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre we may be able to provide a dental solution to this issue.

Oral appliance therapy provided at our North Sydney dental practice can be used to treat both snoring and sleep apnoea by repositioning the jaw during sleep.

If you’ve knocked out a tooth, it’s important that you try and get to a dentist within an hour, as it is possible for your dentist to save the tooth. Following this preservation procedure is imperative in saving your tooth:
  1. When picking up the tooth, make sure you do so carefully, touching the tooth by the crown and not the root;
  2. Rinse off any debris with water;
  3. You can keep the tooth moistened by placing it in a container of milk, or by using a store-bought tooth-preservation product;
It is never too late to straighten your teeth and our range of effective and discreet orthodontic treatments are designed to provide a more comfortable experience with the very best results. It is becoming increasingly common for adults to seek out orthodontic treatment to straighten their smile and will ensure that you receive the correct treatment for your needs. While every orthodontic patient and by extension their situation is unique, early treatment is the best way to ensure that any concerns are corrected and children aged 7 and up are eligible for orthodontic care.

We always recommend having a trusted friend or relative transport you to and from the dental practice. Your mouth will be numb so avoid hot or cold foods or beverages until the anaesthesia has worn off. You may be prescribed some antibiotics after your root canal to manage pain. You should always finish this course of antibiotics. Pain can also be managed by means of over the counter pain medication.

Dental X-rays allow the dentist to comprehensively view a patient’s oral cavity in order to diagnose possible dental issues. Not everything can be seen with the human eye, especially the roots of teeth and the bone beneath the gum. Dental X-rays can thus be used to:

  • Examine cavities and evaluate the degree of tooth decay;
  • Routinely monitor for periodontal disease;
  • Examine cysts and abscesses;
  • Examine impacted wisdom teeth;
  • Examine the sinus cavities for inflammation;

•Identify any irregularities or potential issues before teeth whitening procedures can be carried out

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