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Straighten your teeth without braces

Would you like to straighten your smile without the embarrassment associated with traditional metal braces?

Wahroonga Family Dental Centre in Sydney offers ClearCorrect transparent orthodontic aligners to help you get straighter teeth without being called metal mouth for years.

Can you get straight teeth without metal braces?

Metal braces are a highly effective way of straightening your smile, but everyone knows that with metal braces comes several years’ worth of nicknames and picking food out of the wires on your teeth. While in some more complex cases metal braces are a necessity, for many people there’s an almost-invisible option that may be suitable. Meet ClearCorrect invisible aligners. Let’s take a closer look at this alternative to “train tracks” and whether they could work for you.

How do ClearCorrect invisible aligners work?

ClearCorrect invisible aligners are made of transparent medical-grade plastic which has been specially created to perfectly fit your mouth, and address your unique needs. You’ll receive a series of aligners, each of which you’ll wear for about two weeks, which will gradually and gently shift your teeth to their desired position. Best of all, because they are transparent, many people will never realise that you’re receiving orthodontic treatment.

Are ClearCorrect aligners removable?

Another advantage of ClearCorrect aligners is the fact that they can be taken out to eat, to brush your teeth, and even for a special event if you wish. You just need to ensure that you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

Because they are removable, ClearCorrect aligners allow you to continue to eat the foods you love without fear of having to pick the food out for hours afterwards, or ending up with stained rubber bands. Just brush your teeth as normal and pop your cleaned aligners back in once you’ve finished eating. The ability to clean your aligners daily, and the fact that they are replaced every couple of weeks also make your treatment more hygienic.

Do invisible aligners hurt?

Because ClearCorrect invisible aligners are made just for you using a comprehensive 3D model of your mouth, ClearCorrect invisible aligners are actually quite comfortable. It is possible that you may experience some discomfort in the first couple of days of using a new aligner, but this should quickly abate. As they use a more gentle force, many people report that they find invisible aligners cause far less discomfort than traditional metal braces.

Do ClearCorrect invisible aligners actually work?

They most certainly do. Thousands of people right around the world can attest to the effectiveness of the ClearCorrect system, and your Wahroonga Family Dental Centre practitioner will be with you every step of the way, helping to ensure you get great results.

Are invisible aligners faster than metal braces?

The treatment time required to straighten your smile with either ClearCorrect invisible aligners or traditional metal braces will depend on your own unique circumstances. Wahroonga Family Dental Centre will be able to advise you whether ClearCorrect aligners are suitable for your needs, and how long your treatment will be.

Why should I choose ClearCorrect invisible orthodontic aligners?

ClearCorrect aligners allow you the freedom to go about your everyday life while you undergo your treatment. Because they are transparent, many people will never notice your aligners, and you can continue to eat normally as you’re able to remove them for meals. If you’d like a straighter smile without the hassle of braces, ClearCorrect could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like to find out if ClearCorrect is the right orthodontic treatment for you, contact the friendly team at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre today to book your consultation.

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