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What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

You’ll need to get your wisdom teeth removed if problems occur when the third molars …

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Why do my teeth hurt?

Causes of tooth pain:  There are so many causes of tooth pain, we can’t cover …

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What are teeth made of? (The four layers of tissue that make your teeth)

In this article we explain the 4 layers and how each layer plays a vital …

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When do babies get teeth?

There’s no set timeframe for when babies get teeth. For some bubs, their teeth emerge …

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Good oral hygiene is crucial while wearing a mask

Many people are brushing their teeth less frequently during the pandemic, which could lead to …

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Available for Urgent Appointments

We\’re still open throughout the Sydney lockdown for any urgent treatment. This includes if you …

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Clear Aligners (Invisalign, SureSmile) vs Braces

Crooked, crowded or protruding teeth may seem like only a cosmetic problem, but it can …

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woman with straight teeth

How to fix crooked teeth (everything you need to know)

You don’t need to have perfect teeth to show off your smile and feel good …

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Overjet vs Overbite & How to Fix a Bad Bite

Everyone deserves to smile with confidence and feel good when eating or speaking. However, this …

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COVID-19 and eased dental practice restrictions to level 1

To Our Community, We are pleased to announce that the Dental Council of NSW and …

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Available for Emergency Treatments During COVID-19 Pandemic

To Our Community during COVID-19 Pandemic, In light of concerns regarding community spread of COVID-19, …

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tooth enamel blog

Can damaged tooth enamel be repaired?

Are you suddenly suffering from sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks? Are your …

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