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How to prepare for a dental visit

How to prepare for a dental visit | Wahroonga Family Dental Centre

Dental Check-ups are important for your overall oral health!

So, you’ve made the appointment with the dentist, and you’re really worried about the visit, but your oral and dental health are too important to turn back now. Many people are afraid of visiting dentists and worry about the examination and any pain they may experience.

This is probably the reason why so many people (even adults) put off visiting their dentist and only go when they already have a dental problem or if the problem is worsening.

To help ease your nerves and make the appointment go a little smoother for you, you should follow our list of things to do to prepare for your dental check-up.

How to Prepare for a Dental Check-up?

  • Make sure your dentist has all your information: If you have changed dentists or are a visiting a dentist for the first time, it’s important to make sure that they have all your information. This includes information on any prior dental (and overall health) procedures and treatments you have undergone, medications you are on, allergies, etc. This will help your dentist be prepared for your visit and for any unexpected procedures he may need to perform. If you are changing dentists, make sure you get all your prior dental records from your previous dentist and send them to your new dentist for evaluation.
  • Head in a little early: Being late and having to rush through everything can make things a bit more stressful; it’s even worse if you miss your appointment after making time to visit the dentist. Make sure you get in a little early (take travel time and traffic into account as well) so you can fill out any forms without rushing and have time to ask the staff any questions. Getting in early also means you can calm yourself down before going in to see the dentist and you can go over any symptoms or questions you may have so you don’t forget them.
  • Make a list: If you are experiencing any dental problems or have questions, write them down before going in. If you have any symptoms, make note of when you had them, what might be triggering them, and how bad they are. By having these things written down, you won’t forget to mention it to the dentist during the consultation (sometimes nervousness makes you forget things!). If you are really nervous, you can go over the list while sitting in the waiting room to prepare yourself.
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly: This does not mean you should vigorously clean your teeth the night before; this can cause pain and wear away your teeth’s natural enamel. Rather, you should make sure you maintain proper oral hygiene everyday by brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash. This will also help your dentist check how well you clean your teeth and mouth, so he can advise you on how to improve your daily cleanings.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: This will help keep you cool, calm, and collected before your appointment. A good night’s sleep will also help you feel fresh and energised, which is a great way to head off to that dentist’s appointment!
  • Eat before: Most people feel too nervous to eat before their dentist’s appointment. You should, in fact, have even a light meal before heading to your appointment. If you get hungry before the appointment, you can begin feeling unwell and light-headed and if your dentist needs to perform any small procedures, you may be unable to eat for a few hours after the appointment.
  • Speak up: We spoke about having a list on hand to help you remember things to mention to the dentist, but don’t forget to let your dentist know if you are anxious about the appointment. Once aware of your feelings, your dentist will be able to soothe you and be more understanding towards your fears. This will make the process a little easier for you to deal with.

Being Prepared for a Dental Visit is Important

Visiting a dentist makes most people very nervous which ultimately prevents them from seeing their dentist regularly, which can have terrible consequences for their teeth and mouth. By being prepared for your dental visit, you can make the appointment a more pleasant one which will help ensure you keep visiting your dentist.

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