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You smile what you eat

Eating to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile

While everyone has heard the phase ‘you are what you eat’, you may not realise that what you eat can have a dramatic impact on your teeth. The team at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre are passionate about helping our patients achieve a beautiful smile with diligent dental care, partnered with a healthy diet.

Achieving the perfect diet can be difficult, however, there are a number of foods you can enjoy that are not only delicious but also beneficial for your teeth.  In saying this, you should partner a healthy diet with stringent oral hygiene care and six monthly visits to the dentist.

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Carrots: more than just seeing in the dark


While we definitely won’t say that carrots will help you see in the dark, they can help to stimulate your jawbone. The dentistry of your jawbone is responsible for preventing tooth loss and keeping the teeth anchored in place.

In addition to this, crunchy vegetables and fruit such as carrot, apples and celery can also help to remove plaque on your teeth.

Strawberries: the secret hint towards a whiter smile


Strawberries have malic acid which can act like a natural astringent which can diminish surface discolouration.  So now you can snack of some strawberries and know they could be brightening your smile as well.

Cheese: a drool-worthy snack


Did you know that eating cheese can help stimulate saliva production? This can be beneficial as saliva can help protect your teeth against tooth decay! So now you can enjoy some cheese and help protect your teeth simultaneously.

Leafy greens: better than just a salad mix


Leafy greens such as spinach are high in phosphorus. Phosphorous is a vitamin which can help to keep your teeth’s enamel healthy and strong, which is another benefit to tucking into a hearty salad.

The extra care your teeth need

At Wahroonga Family Dental Centre in Northern Sydney, we believe that a proactive preventive dental care program is the secret to maintaining optimal oral health for life. Eating a healthy diet is an essential part of a preventative care program, as well as brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. In addition to these steps, Dr Freelander and Dr Tsang recommend that our valued patients and their family members visit our Wahroonga practice once every six months for an oral health check-up.

To find out more about taking care of your smile please book a consultation with our friendly team here at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre.

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