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Pregnancy and dental care: what you need to know

Questions about dental care and pregnancy are very common.

Many soon-to-be mums have important questions about how to take care of their teeth during pregnancy, as well as questions about the safety of visiting the dentist during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and dental care at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre

Dr Freelander and Dr Tsang are your friendly Wahroonga Family Dental Centre dentists who are here to answer your questions about pregnancy and dental care. We aim to help every mother-to-be maintain a healthy, beautiful smile safely during pregnancy.

Should I let my dentist know if I am pregnant?


It is essential you let our dental professionals know if you are pregnant when you book your appointment. Even if you’re in the early stages.

This allows our dental team to tailor your appointment to care for both you and your baby.

If you are pregnant, any elective dental care will often be postponed, and will not be suggested by our dental professionals once they’re made aware you are pregnant.

Should I attend my regular check-up appointment during pregnancy?


Yes, it is very important that you attend your regular check-up appointments at the dentist when you are pregnant. Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes which can actually increase your risk of developing gum disease. This condition is often known as ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ which can make your gums feel tender. Your check-up appointments with Dr Freelander or Dr Tsang can help you to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy.

Between the third and sixth month of your pregnancy is normally the ideal time to see a dentist.

Are dental x-rays safe for women during pregnancy?


The routine x-rays usually performed during your general dental check-up appointment may be postponed if you are pregnant.

Our dental professionals will comprehensively assess the situation and decide on the safest option for you and your baby.

How can I maintain my dental health during pregnancy?


There are a number of things to consider when taking care of your teeth during pregnancy.

While changes in your hormones can affect your gums, morning sickness can also affect the teeth’s enamel.

If you are experiencing morning sickness it is important to rinse with water and delay brushing your teeth for half an hour.

Due to these different changes, it is essential that you maintain a stringent dental health care routine.

Dr Freelander and Dr Tsang recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. As well as maintaining a healthy diet that can provide added protection to your teeth.

It is important to monitor the health of your teeth and gums throughout your pregnancy, and if you notice anything concerning, please contact our dental professionals as soon as possible.

Compassionate dental care during pregnancy

Our dental team pride ourselves on providing compassionate and understanding care for women who are pregnant.

We practice blame-free dentistry and always place the health yourself and your unborn baby first.

To find out more about taking care of your teeth during pregnancy, book a consultation with our friendly team here at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre.

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