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Non-extraction orthodontics

Non-Extraction Orthodontics is the straightening of a patient’s teeth without extraction or removal of any permanent teeth. It’s a method of treatment that allows a patient to retain all their teeth while undergoing treatment

The extraction of healthy permanent teeth to relieve crowding in a patient’s jaw before braces is a controversial and fiercely debated topic within the orthodontic community. The removal of healthy body tissue in the fields of dentistry and medicine is unique to orthodontics and has people questioning if there are alternatives.

Why non-extraction?

Whilst the orthodontic community is split over which approach is the most beneficial, Wahroonga dental in Northern Sydney offers non-extraction to their patients to allow them to keep as many of their natural teeth as possible.

Tooth extraction is the last resort as advancements in orthodontic technology have enabled orthodontists to correct most orthodontic problems without the removal of any permanent teeth. By using treatment methods such as functional appliances, the improvement in facial profiles has been rewarding and consistent.

How does non-extraction work?

When it comes to an over-crowded smile there are two ways to fix the issue:

  • Extraction – Remove the teeth to make space within your arch
  • Non-Extraction – Expand the arch to make room for the entire set of teeth

By expanding the dental arch to make room for your whole set of natural teeth, Wahroonga Dental can help their patients achieve a broader smile and a more balanced and symmetrical facial structure.

A major study determined most cases of crowded teeth are caused by an underdeveloped jaw rather than a patient’s teeth were too large. For most people increase the size of the dental arch through an arch, development is the wiser choice.

Benefits of non-extraction

  • Less time wearing braces. Non-extraction orthodontics can often mean patients spend less time wearing braces as your teeth won’t have to move to try and decrease the gaps left by an extraction.
  • Avoid receding gums and bone erosion. The approach of non-extraction can also avoid some of the potential side effects related to extraction orthodontics, such as gum recession and bone deterioration.
  • No surgery. Additionally, treatment can often be performed with minimal to no discomfort and without the need for oral surgery.

Non-extraction orthodontics at Wahroonga Dental

Patients receive non-extraction orthodontic care at Wahroonga Dental. They work with patients to achieve a harmony between their orthodontic needs and skilled care. The dental professionals at Wahroonga Dental endeavour to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the duration of treatment and give patients a realistic outcome.

If you would like to know more about non-extraction orthodontics or to book an appointment at Wahroonga Dental, contact us today.

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