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5 things your dentist wants you to STOP doing to your teeth

As it turns out, there is a little bit more to keeping your teeth healthy than simply brushing twice a day. Our teeth are an important and often used part of our body, so they do need special attention. Some bad habits are more harmful than you might think so it’s critical to keep in mind these tips if you want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. You only get one set of chompers in your life, so treat them well!

Not flossing

Flossing may seem like a hassle, however, it is so important for your pearly whites. There are five surfaces on a tooth and brushing alone only reaches three of those surfaces. That’s two whole surfaces that are left to generate plaque which can lead to all sorts of problems including cavities and gum disease. Not to mention flossing is a great way of maintaining a youthful smile. By taking just a few more seconds out of your day to floss your teeth, you’ll be doing a world of wonder for your future smile.

Using your teeth as tools

Ripping open a chip packet, biting off a yogurt lid or opening a bottle with your teeth may seem like the best and most convenient option at the time, but your mouth is not a tool box. Using your teeth in this fashion can cause a great deal of damage if you aren’t careful. Teeth are for eating and should be used as such. If you’re having trouble with tricky packaging, fetch a pair of scissors and leave your teeth out of it.

Brushing too soon after consuming something acidic

Now, you may have been told in the past that it is never too soon to brush your teeth after eating. In some circumstances, this is not actually the case. Citrus, fruit juice, wine and sugary drinks all soften the enamel of your teeth, so if you brush straight away you can actually damage this soft enamel. By waiting for at least 30 minutes after to brush, you enable your saliva to generate and naturally re-harden your teeth.

Chewing on ice cubes

Chewing on an ice-cube may seem like a perfectly safe way to stay cool and hydrated, but biting into something cold and solid is not the best option for your teeth. Crunching on a cube can chip or crack your teeth and the added freezing temperature can trigger some serious tooth ache. It’s best to leave these to melt or drink out of a straw if you don’t think you can resist.

Not going in for a check-up because ‘nothing hurts’

Just because nothing hurts doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Many dental issues don’t cause any visible or physical trouble until they are at an advanced stage. Even if you do brush and floss, you still need to see a dentist as they may be able to identify issues that you can’t see or feel. If you want to catch a problem early, having regular check-ups with your dentist will ensure that your oral health is always taken care of.

If you think your teeth may have suffered from some of these bad habits then get into contact with one of our dental professionals and book an appointment today.

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