Growth Guidance

Plates and Functional Appliances Wahroonga

We help children achieve a healthy attractive smile and facial profile with the help of growth guidance treatment

Innovations in the field of functional appliance therapy have meant that our team of dentists are able to correct most orthodontic problems without the removal of any permanent teeth. These removable devices all work on a common principle – they help to normalise facial muscle function so that the teeth and jaws can develop properly. Wahroonga Family Dental Centre offers holistic care to their patients in Northern Sydney in order to approach every aspect of growth guidance.

Why choose growth guidance over traditional orthodontic treatment?

For suitable candidate’s growth guidance presents a range of benefits over traditional orthodontic treatment:

  • Healthier facial and dental arch development
  • Improved facial appearance and profile
  • A broad and complete smile
  • Reduces the treatment time needed with fixed appliances (often less than a year in most cases)
  • Can be removed for sporting activities, to maintain oral hygiene, when eating and for special occasion
  • Little to no discomfort associated with this treatment
  • Excellent results can be achieved at any age
  • Early intervention

In cases where orthodontic problems are severe, treatment is best started early, as major improvements can be achieved at a very early age. It is very important that your children visit our Northern Sydney dental practice if it appears that they:

  • Have crowding of their front teeth
  • Their face looks small in comparison to the size of their teeth
  • The lower jaw seems short or weak
  • There are speech problems

We have found that functional treatment concepts can be helpful in achieving superior results in the majority of patients we treat.