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Think you are too old for braces? These famous celebrities aren’t!

At Wahroonga Family Dental Centre in Northern Sydney we know that you are never too old to appreciate the aesthetic and functional changes that orthodontic treatment can achieve…

A beautiful smile can help secure record sales and movie roles (just ask Julia Roberts!), and these celebrities have had a little orthodontic help to boost both their appearance and their star power! No longer regarded as purely the domain of teenagers, orthodontic treatment can be a helpful and appropriate treatment at any age.

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A prime example of celebrity adult orthodontic work is Tom Cruise.

At 39 years of age Tom Cruise elected to undertake adult orthodontic treatment. After spending almost four decades with crooked teeth, he chose to straighten his smile utilising traditional style orthodontics with clear brackets. Nicolas Cage is another Hollywood actor who chose to straighten his smile with an orthodontic treatment at the age of 39.

Famous female musicians Cher and Gwen Stefani also straightened their smiles in the limelight!

With both undertaking orthodontic treatment at the age of 30, musical legend Cher and grunge queen Gwen Stefani made an adult orthodontic treatment look good! Gwen famously appeared at the Vogue fashion awards sporting her stainless steel braces in 1999.

Perhaps one of the oldest celebrities to undergo orthodontic treatment is Danny Glover

The Lethal Weapon actor chose to undertake adult orthodontic treatment just two months shy of his of his 60th birthday. Danny is a prime example of the fact that you are never too old to benefit from appropriate adult orthodontic treatment!

If you are considering undertaking adult orthodontic treatment yourself, at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre we have a range of aesthetically pleasing and lifestyle friendly orthodontic treatment options

These can include:

To learn more about the adult orthodontic options we offer at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, or to request a consultation at our Northern Sydney practice, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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