Dental FAQ’s

Children's Dental Questions

Children should be brushing their teeth with the same frequency as adults. This means twice a day for a period of two minutes at a time. Even if your child has lost teeth, they should still be allocating at least two minutes, twice a day to their oral hygiene routine. The same can be true for toddlers too. During your child’s brushing routine, a good portion of the time should be spent on molars as this is where cavities frequently develop.

Yes, children should be flossing their teeth whenever possible. Children are not exempt from flossing and should be flossing their teeth with the same frequency as adults – at least once a day. In saying this, we understand that flossing for children can be difficult, particularly if they have not developed a solid technique to doing so. If your child is not comfortable using traditional dental floss, a water flosser may be a better alternative.

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